Brandi Glanville Makes Out With Shirtless Hunks — Face-Licking Ensues! (PHOTO)
Credit: Brandi on Twitter    

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Makes Out With Shirtless Hunks — Face-Licking Ensues! (PHOTO)

Oh, Brandi! She’s never boring, you have to give her that.

When Brandi Glanville isn’t busy feuding with just about everyone on the planet Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Celebrity Apprentice and of course LeAnn Rimes, she’s busy having fun with her bestie Jennifer Gimenez and some seriously hot guys.

Brandi is in the cast of the currently filming season of Apprentice, but on April 26 she was down in Delray Beach, FL. “I will be signing my books tonight at @PeterMarkSalon tonight for their lets make a wish charity!!! See you in Del Rey,” Brandi tweeted.

A book-signing for charity sounds G-rated enough, but things quickly segued into G-string territory. “Agenda for tonight with @peteraderosa @PeterMarkSalon a cute boy make out session! Much needed! Hanging with my bff @JenniferGimenez.” She also added, “Party is @PeterMarkSalon tonight!!! Thats where Im going to get my hairs did and see [all] of the pretty people!”

And then she shared this tweet, proving her cute boy make-out sesh plan was a success:

Nice! Let no one say Brandi can’t complete the tasks on her agenda. If she’s this accomplished on Celebrity Apprentice then even The Donald will be impressed.

(Although rumor has it she feuds with a lot of people and may even have admitted to crumbling under the pressure. Eh. We’ll see.)

After she returned home, Brandi tweeted about cute kids and her father's heart procedure, flipping back from sassy to sweet like she tends to do. She'll be back in sassy mode in a minute, though, since it's pretty much her default setting.

What do you think of Brandi’s fun times down in the Sunshine State — do you envy her or are your eyes rolling right out of your head?

Source: Brandi on Twitter