Catherine Giudici Making a Huge Change: What’s Happening?!
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Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici Making a Huge Change: What’s Happening?!

Brace yourselves for a very different Catherine Giudici.

Sean Lowe's feisty fiancée turned The Bachelor Season 17 into one long hair commercial, leaving us pining less for an engagement ring from a hot Texan than the secret to her flowing locks. So now we're on standby with hands covering our gasping mouths because this just happened:

"Saying Au Revoir! to my ombré today."

The reactions under Cat's tweet are appropriate: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," "noooooooo," "NOOOOOOOO OMG," "omg how short," and "can't wait to see new do!"

Is she going for the big chop, or just changing hair colors? We're afraid, but also curious. It's a big deal for a girl to change her hair in a drastic way. But this has been a huge year of change for Catherine. She went on The Bachelor, fell in love, moved from Seattle to L.A. while Sean was taping Dancing With the Stars, and only recently moved to Texas to start a new life in Dallas.

They did take a detour back to Seattle for their October 4 engagement party, and Wetpaint Entertainment’s photos show Catherine's dark-to-light ombre in all its glory. Cherish the memories!

Are you excited to see Cat’s big change?

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