Britney Spears Making Huge and VERY COSTLY Announcement
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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Making Huge and VERY COSTLY Announcement

Britney Spears has some huge news, you guys. And huge news about a huge star naturally necessitates a huge, over-the-top announcement. At least that seems to be the logic behind the announcement of details about Britney’s upcoming Planet Hollywood residency. How much of an extravaganza is this announcement? Like $100,000 big, according to according to MZ.

We're told Britney will unveil plans for her big new Planet Hollywood show from an undisclosed location in the Mojave desert at around 4AM PT, and it will be broadcast live on ‘GMA,’ the celeb news gurus report.

Apparently, Brit is busing in over 1,300 people from Las Vegas to a secret location in the middle of the Mojave desert. For some unknown reason they must all be between 5 and 6 feet tall. While the guests will arrive by bus, Britney is arriving in a helicopter because she’s Britney, b--ch. We’re picturing something like Burning Man, but with a giant statue of Brit.

The transportation alone seems spendy, but it’s not the only line item on the receipt for Brit’s announcement spectacular. It also includes tents to keep everyone in the shade “and $5,154 for craft services ... which includes 2,100 bottles of water, coffee, 918 Gatorades, and 567 Red Bulls.” We guess no one is going to be falling asleep!

“We're told Britney will be performing her new single "Work Bitch," and she'll then blast specifics about her new show that debuts in December,” TMZ intel concludes.

Source: TMZ

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09.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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