Emily Maynard Making a Major Life Decision: Should She or Shouldn’t She?
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Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard Making a Major Life Decision: Should She or Shouldn’t She?

When it comes to fashion, style, and being pretty, we always turn to Emily Maynard for guidance. The Season 8 Bachelorette — and fiancée to the lucky Mr. Tyler Johnson — first emerged as an aesthetic icon by being practically perfect in makeup, clothing, and hair during her whole time on the ABC show. But now, there is a threat to Emily that we are extremely worried about. Its name is bangs, and they’re coming for her… maybe.

“I think I want bangs.. Terrible/Good idea? If you have bangs send me a pic!” Emily tweeted on April 10.

As experts on Emily’s face — from watching it on TV for two seasons and analyzing her magical features while writing about her — we’re going to have to go with “terrible” on this. Here’s the thought: she’s getting married pretty soon, and while we’re sure she could turn them into a side-swept detail or pompadour to hold her veil, there’s just no real reason for her to do it right now.

We don’t yet know her wedding date, but she did say back in January that there’s “no point in waiting,” so we can only imagine that three months later, she’s feeling the itch in her feet to walk the aisle. What does that have to do with anything? Well, two things. First, if she hates the bangs, there’s no time for them to grow out (which could be fixed in a pinch by the above suggestions). Second, if she’s getting married soon — and already panicking over wedding planning — she should just focus on the details she needs to get done and not add another wrench into things with a new feature.

But we could be wrong. After all, we trust almost everything she picks, except for a couple of her fiancés. So, go for it if you want, Emily, but maybe wait ‘til after the wedding? Either way, we’re pretty sure that as soon as she makes the cut, all her style emulators will be rushing off to the salon to try and get the look. She’s just that good.

What do you think: should Emily Maynard get bangs now, wait till after the wedding, or never ever do that? Take our poll below! We’re sure she’s reading.

Emily is such a style queen


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