Does Maks Think Dancing With the Stars Has Jumped the Shark? (VIDEO)
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Dancing With The Stars

Does Maks Think Dancing With the Stars Has Jumped the Shark? (VIDEO)

Is Dancing With the Stars reaching its sell-by date? The 19th season will start in September, and it sounds like the show may go on without reigning pro champion Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who just revealed yesterday that he is done with dancing. (We thought he was still leaving the door open to be a judge, but … maybe not?)

Last night, Maks was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, along with the ever quotable Joan Rivers. A fan called in to ask Maks, since he’s leaving DWTS, does he think DWTS has run its course?

"No, I don't think so," Maks said, frowning a bit at the idea. Host Andy Cohen asked if DWTS will it jump the shark after he leaves? "I saw that there were a lot of changes last season,” Maks said. “I took a year off and I skipped two seasons and I came back. I personally fell in love with the show. It's not something I need to say now that I'm not even part of it. But it's definitely an amazing entertainment [show]. ... I do think it needs to stay on. I'm a big supporter of anything dance related, and I think it's brilliant. My problem is that we're running out of legitimate celebrities. That's a problem."

Yeah, that’s been a problem for a while, arguably since the beginning, since there’s always been a mix of well-known people, reality stars, people who are famous for questionable reasons, etc. The definition of “star” is subjective.

Still, it’s good to see that Maks has the show’s back and wants it to continue on ... but “not even part of it”? Should that be taken to mean that he is actually saying goodbye to the whole shebang, not just his role as a pro dancer?

We’ll have to wait and see on that front. In the meantime, watch the WWHL video below to see Maks play a little game called "Ballroom Glancing," where he has to identify male DWTS celebs just by their crotches. He also talks a bit about his stint on The Bachelor: Ukraine, and answers Joan’s question about whether dancers really are great in bed.

DWTS Season 19 premieres Monday, September 15 from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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