Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff in Forever Tango — Review Roundup!
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Dancing With The Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff in Forever Tango — Review Roundup!

Fan-fave Dancing With the Stars pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff hare taking Broadway for a three-week run of Luis Bravo’s all dance, all the time show Forever Tango. The show opened on Sunday July 14. What did the critics think of the DWTS duo and the production they're a part of? We've rounded up some notable reviews of the show.

Entertainment Weekly. "The couple is, in a word, dazzling," says Entertainment Weekly of Maks and Karina. "Smirnoff glides beautifully, and Chmerkovskiy shakes his hips (and his booty) with such skill, it's clear he was born with the talent." It calls the show altogether "light but fun."

New York Times. The New York Times is not a fan, saying, "the version of tango propounded by Forever Tango is tango for tourists, madly glamorized and highly absurd," and saying of Maks and Karina, "Ms. Smirnoff and Mr. Chmerkovskiy, who are among the show’s least stylish tango executants, may well be its freest spirits."

USA Today. USA Today gives the show 2.5/4 stars, and describes Maks and Karina's sections like this: "The assorted couples in the regular cast ... lock into each other with an intensity that might seem almost satirical to the uninitiated. Smirnoff and Chmerkovskiy, in contrast, appear much more focused on seducing the audience. Positioned front and center in ensemble numbers that close both acts, they're the designated exhibitionists, mugging ... as their colleagues delicately smolder. Their dancing may be technically impressive, but like the submedium that made them famous, it lacks wit, restraint and nuance.

The Hollywood Reporter. The Hollywood Reporter was more positive, explaining of Maks and Karina: "The crowd is mad for them, and it’s easy to see why. They’re tall, sinuous and sexy, delivering polished showmanship with effortless charisma. The four routines that feature the duo are among the highlights, in particular a torridly romantic second-act pas de deux that takes the traditional tango moves in a more balletic direction."

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