Maksim Chmerkovskiy Kisses Carrie Ann Inaba — in Sweet Photo From DWTS Season 2
Credit: Maks on Instagram    

Dancing With The Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Kisses Carrie Ann Inaba — in Sweet Photo From DWTS Season 2

Ah, remember Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s long hair, back when he first joined Dancing With the Stars? Maks, now 34 and the reigning pro champion, made his debut in DWTS Season 2 back in 2006.

In the ensuing years, he's changed his dance partners and his hair, and he eventually developed a bit of a sparring relationship with judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

There’s occasionally tension there, but occasionally affection too. Maks just returned to DWTS after taking a couple of seasons off — and guest judging one night last fall — and now word on the dance street is that he could be joining the judges’ panel, if Len Goodman decides to leave DWTS. That’s still just a rumor/speculation, but it’s interesting to imagine how Maks and Carrie Ann might interact if they judge together on a regular basis.

Maks just showed off the pic above, from the start of his DWTS relationship with Carrie Ann, joking, "In the spirit of #TBT I give you Season 2 wrap party, when @carrieanninaba and I were friends ;)" Carrie Ann replied, "@MaksimC The good ole days!!! What? ;) Are we not friends anymore? xo"

Aww. They’ll always be friends. Or at least frenemies. Back in 2012, Carrie Ann tried to explain why she and Maks kept butting heads. She said it’s because they’re both passionate Capricorns and whenever she wears red on set, everyone prepares for battle, because that particular color apparently leads to a Maks fight. So if Maks does join the DWTS judging panel in Season 19 and Carrie Ann wears red — watch out!

Separate question, though: Do you prefer when Maks’ hair is long or short? Yes, he’s hot either way, but do you have a preference?

DWTS Season 19 premieres this fall on ABC.

Sources: Maks on Instagram, Carrie Ann on Twitter