Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Meryl Davis: “I’m Not Flexible, I’m Not Cuddly … She’s Fearless With Me”
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Dancing With The Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Meryl Davis: “I’m Not Flexible, I’m Not Cuddly … She’s Fearless With Me”

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy played out another scene from their own Beauty and the Beast storyline last night on the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Semifinals.

In the rehearsal package, Maks was feeling the pressure and it was making Meryl nervous. She did everything she could to calm him down and — like in a previous week when she held his hand and talked him through his fears — it worked. They were all smiles, kisses and laughs on the live show itself.

Glamour talked to the couple after the show, saying their favorite quote of the night was when Meryl told Maks, "It’s much more fun when you know your steps." They asked if teasing Maks like that was the secret to his heart.

“She’s awesome,” Maks said. “I’m a locomotive. Once I go, I go. There’s nothing standing in my way, and I’m like that to a fault. I’m not flexible, I’m not cuddly. She managed to find a way to completely derail me in the middle of my process, and I just stand there thinking, ‘I have no idea how to react.’ I’m at a loss for words. She’s very cute-sounding. It’s like when you go to the zoo — there’s all these animals, but the last animal you’d go into the cage with to pet is a lion or a tiger, and yet, she’s like, ‘No, I’ll totally go pet him.’"

Meryl said, “Ah! I never said that. You made that up!” Maks replied, “I know, but that’s how you think! She’s fearless with me!” It’s actually a pretty great analogy, and it explains a lot about their dynamic.

Meryl wasn’t that familiar with DWTS ahead of time, so she went into it with a relatively clean slate. Maybe that helped. But she said she and Maks have something pretty unique, for both of them. “I definitely think that we’ve developed a friendship,” Meryl said. “I don’t have this going with everybody. We’re comfortable with each other and have developed a relationship that has allowed this to happen, and I enjoy teasing you.”

We enjoy watching her tease Maks! Honestly, more power to her. When Maks gets cranky, we’d probably just take a few steps back, not forward. Leave it to the angelic ballerina princess to be brave and bold and know just what to say to tame the Maks beast. Brava.

Do you love M&M’s relationship? Are they the team to beat?

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