Dancing With the Stars 2014: Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Partner Meryl Davis: “I Got a Good One!”
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Dancing With the Stars 2014: Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Partner Meryl Davis: “I Got a Good One!”

Mr. Sex on a Stick is back! After a gap year off, Maksim Chmerkovskiy has returned for Dancing With the Stars Season 18 — and he’s paired with Olympic ice dancing champion Meryl Davis. He’s not exactly mad about that.

"I got a good one,” Maks told On the Red Carpet, looking pleasantly surprised by his own good fortune. “I don't know what I did right. I did a lot wrong..." To be back under these circumstances is pretty interesting, he said. He knows his grandma is going to be very happy. Meryl said her grandma will be happy too.

Just watching the video, you can see that Meryl is already bringing out Maks’s sweet and even self-deprecating side. OTRC asked for one or two of Meryl’s strengths in their short rehearsal time so far; Maks said, “One or two?!” He could give a whole list. Instead, he shared a story about how normally when you first meet your partner, you have a lot of questions about what they can do. He was asking Meryl questions and “the dumbest thing came out of my mouth,” ‘cause he asked Meryl if she could do a spin. That is part of her job descriptions, so … yeah! He called himself an “idiot” for asking that.

It’s just cute to see how much awe and respect he has for her, telling OTRC she has “more than enough to work with.”

For her part, Meryl talked about the determination of Olympians, which helps them to succeed — and it has served them well on DWTS in the past. We’ve had a few Olympic Mirror Ball champions, from Apolo Ohno and Shawn Johnson to figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi. And don’t worry too much about this sweet little lady being cowed by Maks’s criticism. She thinks she can handle it. Maks said they're both Capricorns, so he doesn't know who might have to handle who. You show him who’s boss, Meryl!

Watch Maks and Meryl below. Are you on their team? Do you think this could finally be Maks’s shot at the trophy?