So You Think You Can Dance: Should The Judges Have Saved Malene and Nick?
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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: Should The Judges Have Saved Malene and Nick?

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, we saw the first cuts to the Top 20, with the judges eliminating Latin ballroom dancers Nick Garcia and Malene Ostergaard. It’s always sad to see talented dancers leave the stage, but do you think the judges made the right call?

Let’s start with the men. The bottom three boys also included Seattle contemporary dancer Casey Askew and Latin ballroom dancer Serge Anik. Frankly, we don’t understand why Casey was even in the bottom after delivering one of the strongest performances of Week 1, but his Argentine tango this week definitely sealed the deal with the judges — no way is this guy getting sent home so soon!

As for Serge, though his Week 1 cha-cha didn’t exactly wow-wow us, he redeemed himself last night with his performance of a difficult Sonya Tayeh number. Sorry to say, but Nick’s underwhelming performance in his own style the first week — followed by a problematic West Coast Swing number this week — meant he was without a doubt our pick for elimination.

In the girls’ bottom three, it was down to Malene, ballet dancer Jourdan Epstein, and Latin ballroom dancer Brooklyn Fullmer. Wow, America, no love for the Latin dancers this year! Malene and Marcquet’s samba in Week 1 was fine but not too memorable, and the judges really weren’t feeling her in this week’s Broadway routine, which highlighted her lack of flexibility.

Meanwhile, Jourdan did have a pretty disappointing ballet performance last week, even falling off her box (the toe part of a pointe shoe) during her Swan Lake pas de deux. However, she regained our confidence this week when she stepped outside her style and into some sexy Sean Cheesman jazz. Brooklyn also underwhelmed us last week when she paired with Serge, but her Argentine Tango with Casey was absolutely phenomenal. It was between Malene and Jourdan for us, and we’re not unhappy with the judges’ decision to cut Malene.

Thankfully, it seems viewers are with us! In last night’s Viggle LIVE! poll, 58 percent of players felt Nick and Malene were the right picks for elimination. What do you think, though: Should the judges have saved Nick and Malene?

I think they deserved to be saved!

No, it was their time to go.