Malia Obama Dances on Stage at Lollapalooza (VIDEO)
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Malia Obama Dances on Stage at Lollapalooza (VIDEO)


In case you forgot, Malia Obama is an American teenager.

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We were reminded of that fact on Friday, July 29, when the First Kid showed up at Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival to bust a move next to the stage during Cashmere Cat's set.

The 18-year-old Chicago native showcased some shockingly risque dance moves. Wearing a midriff-baring top, at one point she pulled up her long skirt and nearly flashed her booty; drawing an uproarious reaction from the crowd in the process.

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The isn't the first time the future Harvard attendee has ventured outside the White House. She attended the same festival sans parents back in 2014 — when she was just 16!

Malia showed up to the festival with the Secret Service in tow. The agents were sporting a more casual look than their usual black suits and sunglasses, going with matching khakis and blue plaid shirts instead — a great way to fit in at a hip, young music festival... or, you know, a Connecticut yacht club.

The First Daughter's concert trip wasn't without controversy though, as some were critical that she missed the Democratic National Convention in favor of getting turnt. 

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Judging by the great time it looks like she had, though, we don't think Malia is sweating the haters!