Mama Joyce Announces She’s Writing a Tell-All Book!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Mama Joyce Announces She’s Writing a Tell-All Book!

Look out, Todd Tucker!

Kandi Burruss's overprotective Mama Joyce told toofab she’s working on a tell-all book, which will likely include more details about her daughter’s April 4 wedding to Todd. "People been asking me about one, so I think I will write one,” Joyce said.

Todd may need to worry, ‘cause even though it looked like they turned a corner for the better in last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the rest of Joyce’s toofab interview was filled with shots at Todd for missing the wedding rehearsal dinner because he supposedly didn’t want to sign a prenup. These two are not quite besties yet, and it sounds like Joyce’s guard is still very much up.

But in the April 6 episode, Joyce told Todd that after losing Kandi's older brother, she put so much on Kandi that she might have become too protective. It was a good step forward for them, so if they can do that, maybe there’s still hope for the future.

If Joyce does write a book, in addition to anything about the Housewives, you have to imagine she’ll cover the painful loss of her son Patrick. In 2009, Kandi told, "My mother has been overbearing since my brother died in a car accident in Mexico when he was 15. He told my mom he was going to Florida with a cousin and instead he was in Mexico, and I don’t believe my mom has ever forgiven my cousin. Ever since that happened, she became extremely over protective of me and when I got my first record deal at 16, even more so."

As frustrated as we get with Mama Joyce for all her meddling, knowing more about her past helps to understand why she does what she does. It’d still be nice for her to be kinder to her son-in-law, but we can’t blame her for trust issues.

Would you read a book by Mama Joyce? Would it depend on the topics covered?

Sources: toofab