Does Kandi Burruss’s Mom Hate Todd Tucker?
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Kandi Burruss

Does Kandi Burruss’s Mom Hate Todd Tucker?

Kandi Burruss appears to be happy with Todd Tucker, but is one person in her life less than thrilled about the relationship?

Kandi and Todd both appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week, and host Andy Cohen brought up the drama between Kandi's mom, Joyce, and Todd.

"There's only one thing standing between [Kandi and Todd] and an altar, and that's Mama Joyce," Andy says of the engaged couple.

So does Kandi's mom really hate Todd, or is this just a misunderstanding?

"I mean, it's very deep," Kandi says about the rift between Joyce and Todd. "But we actually wrote a whole musical about it," Kandi continues, referring to her production that will be at a theater in Atlanta later this month.

"What's the musical called?" Andy quips. "Mama Joyce Doesn't Like Todd?"

Indeed, Andy shows a preview clip from next week's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, where Kandi's mom makes it clear to Kandi that she is not on Team Todd.

"How much do you know — really know — about him?" her mom asks. "He ain't giving you a dime — he's sleeping, eating on you."

Kandi's mom sounds concerned about Todd forcing her to leave the house, telling Kandi, "I don't want you to be able to choke on a chicken bone, and he come over and tell me I got to get out — make sure you put that in your little [prenup], too."

We can't wait to tune in this Sunday to see just how bad things get between Kandi and her mom over Kandi's man.

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