Real Housewives of Atlanta

Mama Joyce Reveals the Crazy Reason She Doesn’t Like Todd Tucker (VIDEO)

In the past, we’ve heard Mama Joyce give some explanation as to why she dislikes Kandi Burruss’s now husband Todd Tucker, but in Sunday night’s April 6 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, she may have dropped some of the most bizarre reasoning yet.

Kandi was somehow able to wrangle her meddling mama into attending a counseling session to talk out their issues. The first thing the counselor does? Split mother and daughter up to really get to the bottom of the situation. And what comes next from Joyce is pretty surprising.

When the therapist asks Kandi’s mom where her issues with Todd lie, she has more than a few reasons — albeit somewhat skewed ones.

“Her fiancé, I’m not that crazy about him,” Joyce begins, before elaborating, “First thing he did was quit his job. Who would quit a $90K job for a woman who’s a millionaire?”

As we know by now, Todd didn’t quite his job for no reason — he was a producer on RHoA when he and Kandi met, making their romance a conflict of interest. Thus, he had to quit to continue the relationship, which is completely fair. And not only that, he had to find another gig that wouldn’t take him too far away from Kandi (to L.A., NYC, etc.), which is difficult in television production. Give the guy a break, Joyce!

But even if you knock that rationale, the tough mama has another one for ya: Todd allowed Kandi to gain weight. Yes, you read that correctly.

“Since she’s been with him she’s gained like 30 pounds,” Joyce continues to the skeptical-looking counselor. “You should remind her you need to work out everyday.”

Puh-lease. Kandi is much too small to have gained 30 pounds and still be the size she is. And it is absolutely not Todd’s responsibility to keep Kandi motivated to work out — that’s on her. Plus, doesn’t Joyce know that everyone is a little rounder when they’re happy?!

But the real kicker is when Mama Joyce is asked how Todd treats Kandi, and she can’t even answer. “I don’t really know … I don’t be around him,” she reveals. No kidding!

“Your daughter’s engaged to a man that you haven’t taken the time to really get to know,” the mediator correctly points out. “That’s a concern for me.”

Preach! Hopefully, this got through to the stubborn lady, though if Mama Joyce’s recent statements prove anything, it’s that she’s still holding on to some grudges. Will it ever end?

What do you think of Joyce’s reasoning? Tell us in the comments below and watched the video above for the latest juicy RHoA gossip.