Mama Joyce Says Todd Tucker Skipped Rehearsal Dinner — Why?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Mama Joyce Says Todd Tucker Skipped Rehearsal Dinner — Why?

Sigh. Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Mama Joyce has definitely not retracted her claws when it comes to Todd Tucker, even though he is now officially her son-in-law.

Todd and Kandi Burruss got married on Friday, April 4, and when we heard Joyce made a nice toast at the wedding, we thought maybe that meant the drama was behind them. Nope!

Joyce shared some wedding scoop with toofab, and it just widened the gap between Kandi’s mom and Todd.

"I got a little pissed at the bridegroom the night before this wedding," Joyce candidly admitted to toofab. "He kind of held up on signing the prenup and didn't come to the rehearsal dinner because he didn't want to sign it. His mom said she didn't see no reason for him to have to sign because they were in love. He was the one who didn't have a damn thing, but that's another story. But from what I understand, he did sign."

So his mom was getting involved in the couple’s financial affairs too. Both parents need to step back! It’s not like Todd really “didn’t have a damn thing” just because Kandi has more money. All this talk only reinforces the idea that the marriage is just about Kandi’s money. Why can’t Kandi just be a successful woman in love?

Mama Joyce Says Todd Tucker Skipped Rehearsal Dinner — Why?
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But Kandi and Todd are now married, so whatever happened happened. In last night’s episode of RHoA — taped back in November — Todd made a speech saying he hoped some day Joyce could even love him.

That day has not come. Joyce said more not-so-nice things to toofab about Todd, basically washing her hands of what happens from here. "Doesn't make no difference if I'm happy or not, she's the one that has to live with him,” Joyce said. “I did everything I could do. If she's jumping in the river with sharks, she's gonna get chewed up.” Whew! She added, "People show you their best when you're dating them, so if she's seeing the best now, the worst is yet to come."

We were really hoping a lot of this was in the past. Maybe Todd not wanting to sign the prenup was a red flag to Joyce, but if he ultimately did sign — after putting up with so much disrespect from Mama Joyce — shouldn't all of that finally be enough evidence that maybe Todd is a decent guy who is willing to put Kandi first?

Do you get the impression that Mama Joyce might even gloat if something bad does happen? All married couples hit rough patches now and then, but if Kandi ever tries to talk to her mom about any issues, it seems like Joyce might just pull an “I told you so.”

Stay strong, Todd, and focus on keeping Kandi happy. Your wife’s opinion is the one that matters.

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