Mama Joyce Reveals She and Todd Tucker “Didn’t Talk” on the Wedding Day
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Mama Joyce Reveals She and Todd Tucker “Didn’t Talk” on the Wedding Day

Aw, man. We were really hoping the fact that Mama Joyce attended Kandi Burruss’s wedding — and reportedly even walked her down the aisle — meant that the tough mother had finally acquiesced to the adorableness that is the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple of Kandi and Todd. Unfortunately, she’s only continued to say negative things about her new son-in-law to the press.

The most recent interview Joyce did was with, to which she spilled more details about her reality star daughter’s big day — and the fact that she barely acknowledged Todd at the momentous occasion.

“I didn’t really pay any attention to him,” Mama Joyce shared, before clarifying, “We didn’t talk.”

Despite the fact that she was clearly a bit rude to Kandi’s now-husband, Joyce did maintain that she was “very nice” to Kandi on the day, and admitted that both the event and the bride were “beautiful.”

“It was her decision to make to marry him and she says she’s happy and she didn’t see anything wrong with him so she did it,” she explained. “Everyone was very nice and there weren’t any fights.”

Ah well, silver linings. At least Todd has a fellow Joyce nemesis in Cynthia Bailey, who clearly pissed off the mother-of-the-bride. “Besides what Cynthia says, our family doesn’t fight all the time. It was a very classy wedding and everybody had a nice time.”

No one is off limits with this lady!

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