Mama June Hospitalized After Sugar Bear’s Wedding in ‘From Not to Hot’ Finale
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Mama June Hospitalized After Sugar Bear’s Wedding in ‘From Not to Hot’ Finale


The moment fans have been waiting for finally happened. Mama June showed off her new size 4 body at Sugar Bear’s wedding and, of course, there was drama.

What was most shocking, though, was where June ended up by the end of the episode.

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The finale was centered around Sugar Bear’s wedding to Jennifer Lamb and it was already off to a contentious start when the couple bickered over whether or not June should be allowed to come to the wedding.

In the end, Jennifer was convinced to let June come for Sugar Bear’s daughter, Alana’s, sake.

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June then paid a visit to her ex prior to the nuptials and he invited her in, taking in her new look.

“Oh s—t!” he said about the change. “I have never seen June look that good.”

He then added, “I’m proud of her.”

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However, Jennifer was not pleased about the exes meet up.

“What are you doing in my house?” the bride asked. “Regardless of if he invited you in, I didn’t invite you here.”

“You’ve always been a b—h, you’ve always been rude that’s why you don’t have him anymore,” Jennifer continued. “Get out of my house!”

The 37-year-old kept her cool and left without a fight, noting that turning the other cheek was reflective of her major life changes.

“I wanted to say something to her,” the mom of four said, before adding, “It felt good just to take the high road.”

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Most importantly, June felt now that she’d really said goodbye to Sugar Bear she could now “focus on finding my own true love.”

“I’m never going to go back to the old June,” she concluded. “I’m a better person.”

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The reality star attended the wedding with her trainer Kenya Crooks as her date and wedding guests were also shocked by June’s transformation.

Those guests included Mama June’s sister-in-law, niece, and mother Sandra Hale, who hasn’t spoken to June in the past three years.

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It was clear there was still no love lost between the mother and daughter, despite Kenya’s best efforts to get them to reunite.

“I went through too much improvement in my life to let her back into my life,” June said.

The most shocking part of the wedding, however, was Sugar Bear and Jennifer’s kiss.

The moment went on much longer than expected, making guests cringe.

Once the wedding was over, June went home to celebrate, with a bonfire to burn her old clothes, along with daughters Alana “Honey Boo Boo” and Lauryn “Pumpkin.”

“It felt really, really good to burn my clothes,” she said.

However, by the next morning Mama June wasn’t feeling good at all.

“I can’t even get the f—k up,” June said, bent over in what she called “excruciating pain.”

The episode then ended on a cliff-hanger, as an ambulance is called to rush June to the emergency room.

Fans can tune into a new Mama June special airing on Friday at 8:30 p.m. ET on WeTV to find out what happens next.

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