“Mama” Catherine Giudici Cuddles With Sean Lowe’s Dog Lola (CUTE PHOTO)
Credit: Instagram    
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Catherine Giudici

“Mama” Catherine Giudici Cuddles With Sean Lowe’s Dog Lola (CUTE PHOTO)

Warning! Don't look down unless you're prepared to die from the cuteness.

Bachelor Sean Lowe already had two lady loves before he married Catherine Giudici — Lola the boxer and Ellie the chocolate Lab. Now they are Catherine's kids too, and on April 17 proud Papa Sean posted the photo shown below of his wife and baby.

"I took this gem last night,” he wrote. “Lola is sound asleep laying with her mama."

“Mama” Catherine Giudici Cuddles With Sean Lowe’s Dog Lola (CUTE PHOTO)
Credit: Sean Lowe on Instagram    

Is that not too much? And even in jammies, curled up in a doggie bed, Cat's hair is perfect.

Way back in January 2013, when we were just starting to see his Bachelor journey in action, Sean told People, "The girl I'm dating must be into my dogs. For so long it's just been me and my two dogs, and I'm certainly not going to replace them with any woman."

Well, he'd better watch out, 'cause Lola might replace her daddy with this woman!

But it's just funny how Sean was thinking last year vs. today. He also added to People, "For many years, my dogs would sleep in the bed with me. I'm a big guy and I've got two good-sized dogs, so it's a full bed. Then I just realized one day, 'Alright, if I get married and a woman's going to join me in the bed, there's not going to be enough room.' I had to break the dogs of the habit of sleeping in the bed."

So now one of them sleeps in a doggie bed on the floor ... with Sean's wife!

Life is about adapting to change, and hopefully if/when a bunch of Baby Lowes arrive, the pet babies will adapt quickly to the new additions. We know they’ll never be pushed into the background — they were here first!

Sources: Instagram, People

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