Husband Cuts Off Wife’s Lover’s Genitals With Garden Shears — Report
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Husband Cuts Off Wife’s Lover’s Genitals With Garden Shears — Report


Revenge takes many forms. For one enraged husband, who believed he was being cheated on, his plan for retribution was to cut off another man’s genitals.


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According to People, a 24-year-old Japanese man named Ikki Kotsugai allegedly stormed a Tokyo law office to confront the man he believed was having an affair with his wife, who is a clerk there. The two men were seen speaking before any fisticuffs went down, according to the Mirror.


But the university student — and boxer — soon began punching the unidentified lawyer repeatedly until he was nearly unconscious. Then, once the 42-year-old attorney seemed to be completely out, Ikki allegedly unzipped his romantic rival’s pants, pulled out his penis, and cut it off with garden shears. He then reportedly flushed the severed genitals down a toilet in the office.


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The confrontation must have been at the top of Ikki’s to-do list because this all went down at 7:40 a.m. The alleged crime was also extremely pre-meditated since the student brought the garden shears with him. It’s not like they were hanging around the office.  


Ikki was arrested soon after the alleged assault.