Man Who Claimed He Was Stabbed For Looking Like a Nazi Admits He Lied


Man Who Claimed He Was Stabbed For Looking Like a Nazi Admits He Lied


Two weeks ago, Joshua Witt claimed in a Facebook post that he was stabbed by a black man while getting out of his car because he looked like a Neo-Nazi.

Now the Colorado man is admitting he made the story up after stabbing himself in the hand by accident.

According to police in Sheridan, Colorado, where the 26-year-old claimed he was attacked in a Steak 'n Shake parking lot, he came clean once they confronted him with surveillance video.

Credit: Sheridan Police (via CBS Denver 4)    

The footage did not show any evidence of an attack or anyone fleeing the scene, BuzzFeed News reports.

Further video evidence showed Witt purchasing a knife at a nearby sporting goods store.

"Mr. Witt subsequently admitted to accidentally cutting himself with the knife while parked in his car in front of the sporting goods store and admitted making up the story about being attacked," Sheridan police said in their statement.

The account differs pretty wildly from his original story...

"I was just getting out of my car to go get myself a milkshake and the next thing I hear is 'You one of them neo-Nazis' as this man is swinging a knife at my head over my car door," Witt told BuzzFeed at the time.

"I threw my hands up out of natural reflex and then I kind of dived back in my car as the suspect took off running."

He described his attacker to police as a black man in his mid 20s, 5'10", wearing a green shirt and blue pants, according to The Guardian.

A transient man who fit the vague description was later questioned and released.

When police found no video evidence to corroborate as well as the security footage that showed him purchasing a knife around the time of the "incident," Sheridan Police called him for further questioning.

Upon his confession, Witt was charged with false reporting and released on a summons.

His Facebook post has since been taken down, but screenshots live forever!

Joshua Witt liar facebook

Fairly ironic that a story he probably told to save face over his clumsiness led to national embarrassment, huh?

The news of this false report comes during a time of especially heightened racial discord, in the wake of the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Ku Klux Klan Protests Planned Removal Of General Lee Statue From VA Park
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With so much violence in the world, we hardly need people making up stuff like this! Here's hoping Joshua has learned a powerful lesson.