Marc Anthony: My Ex Was Shamed Into Selling Home — Thanks to Her Lover’s Angry Wife
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Marc Anthony: My Ex Was Shamed Into Selling Home — Thanks to Her Lover’s Angry Wife

Cameras should be following Marc Anthony and his ex-wife Dayanara Torres to capture all this drama for a reality show/soap opera. That might solve at least some of her money woes.

Marc and the former Miss Universe were married for about four years and they have two kids together. You may recall a story back in November, saying Dayanara wanted to up her child support payments from around $13,000 to $112,000 a month.

According to TMZ, Dayanara has said she's so hurting for money she's had to sell her home and she and the kids are now living in a little apartment in the San Fernando Valley.

Marc, on the other hand, claims Dayanara was actually shamed out of the home and that's why she had to sell it. In legal documents, described by TMZ, Marc alleges the wife of Dayanara's lover took to the sidewalk in front of their home "with a bullhorn yelling 'whore' for the whole neighborhood to hear." (!!!)

Do you see how this might make for a good TV show? The Real Housewives have to fake this kind of drama.

Marc said the wife wouldn't stop, so he sent his own security to help. He claims part of Dayanara's money problem is her own fault because she sold the house at a loss. Dayanara responded, through legal docs, that Marc's allegations were "argumentative, improper opinion, lack of foundation, speculation." But, TMZ notes, she didn't say they were flat-out false.

Marc, who was also married to Jennifer Lopez, does have a lot of money, and instead of going back and forth in legal documents — which will surely be shared by TMZ every time — they may want to attempt a quiet compromise, for the kids’s sake. Do you think that's possible?

Source: TMZ