Marc Maron Engaged: Comedian Proposes to Girlfriend Jessica
Credit: Marc Maron on Twitter    


Marc Maron Engaged: Comedian Proposes to Girlfriend Jessica

Marc Maron is going to be a married man!

The popular stand-up comedian is engaged to his girlfriend Jessica. Marc hosts a twice-weekly podcast, WTF With Marc Maron, and has his own IFC television series, Maron.

The comedian announced the big news in a blogpost on Monday, June 10, titling the post, "I proposed to Jessica." What an appropriate title! This comedian isn't one for the dramatics, huh?

Marc, who lives with his fiancee in Los Angeles with their three cats, recalled the sweet proposal to fans. "I got her a ring and everything," he wrote. "I served her pancakes on her birthday and stuck the rock right in the middle of the top cake on the stack. We cried and laughed."

Marc, 49, has been married twice before and is hoping that third time is the charm! "And so begins another journey into matrimony," he said. "I hope it doesn’t kill me or my heart. We’re both excited. I’m also scared but we can keep that between us."

How adorable! Humor and feelings — he's the complete package!

Source: Us Weekly