The Originals Burning Question: Does Marcel Have His Own Agenda?
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The Originals

The Originals Burning Question: Does Marcel Have His Own Agenda?

Marcel’s surrender to Klaus in The Originals midseason finale felt like a complete 180, but ever since, he seems pretty committed to Team Klaus. Is Marcel really planning on staying loyal to the Big Bad, or is he hiding his own secret agenda? We speculate below.

He doesn’t really like Klaus

We can’t get past the fact Marcel doesn’t really like Klaus. Sure, there’s a part of him that will probably always love the man who freed him from slavery and took him in, but there will also always be a part of him that hates Klaus, too. After all, Klaus is as controlling as he is caring. He kept Marcel and Rebekah from being together, and has always put his own happiness over anyone else’s. There is a reason Marcel didn’t try to find Klaus after he left New Orleans all those years ago. And it’s probably the same reason he may have a plan of his own brewing.

He won’t let anything happen to Davina

In the winter premiere, Marcel demonstrated his priority: keeping Davian safe. He and Elijah teamed up against Klaus with more-or-less no moral qualms for keeping Klaus out of the loop. Klaus also proved something in last night’s episode: he has no moral qualms i killing Davina if she is working against him. This means that Klaus and Marcel will eventually and always be at odds, and we think Marcel is smart enough to realize this. We think it makes more sense that Marcel has a long-term scheme than it does that he just handed Davina over to Klaus with no escape plan.

He cares about Rebekah

We may be unsure if Marcel has a long-term agenda to take down Klaus, but we have no such reservations in Rebekah’s anti-Klaus scheming. She’ll tell any viewer who will listen. This plays into our theory about Marcel in two possible ways: 1) Marcel will eventually ditch Klaus for Rebekah if given the choice because he still loves Bekah or 2) Rebekah and Marcel are still working together. We prefer the second one. What if all of this is part of Rebekah and Marcel’s plan against Klaus? What if they predicted Klaus’ defeat of Marcel’s army, even if they were hoping the battle would go otherwise? This makes more sense than Rebekah underestimating Klaus’s power.

He’s done it once before

In the midseason finale, Rebekah hinted that Marcel has a secret that Klaus would never forgive him for. We think that secret is that Marcel brought Klaus’ father to New Orleans all those years ago, chasing Klaus out of town and the only happiness he has ever claimed to know. If this is true, Marcel’s long-term scheming against Klaus has precedent. We think Klaus underestimates just how patient and clever Marcel can be. Though Mikael may not be around anymore to scare Klaus away, that doesn’t mean Marcel doesn’t have someone else who can be used against Klaus waiting in the wings.

Do you think Marcel has his own agenda? Share your theories in the comments below!

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