Chris Harrison On Marcus Grodd’s Love Bomb: “May Be Too Much, Too Soon”
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Chris Harrison On Marcus Grodd’s Love Bomb: “May Be Too Much, Too Soon”

Awwwwkkkkwaaaarrd. That’s how we felt through basically every single second of Episode 4 of The Bachelorette as Andi Dorfman and her house o’ hawt dished up one cringeworthy moment after another. But none of the WTFs outshone Marcus Grodd dropping the L-bomb during his 1-on-1 date with the Andster.

Don’t get us wrong — we are all for men getting feely with their feelings and stuff — but on their first 1-on-1 date? While dancing on a raised stage in front of a room full of strangers who are all there for the express purpose of staring at you? Dude. Just, dude. So what does host Chris Harrison have to say about Marcus’s loose lips?

In an interview with TV Guide, our favorite cupid admitted that, “Marcus's I love you may be too much too soon for Andi.” Ya think? If girl hadn’t already given him the rose, we would have told her to use it as a ball gag to stop the insanity from dripping from his mouth hole.

But as warp speed as the declaration of Marcus’s burning flame was, Andi didn’t seem to mind. She put her lipstick all over him, pulling him in close with a kung fu grip. Maybe she was just trying to shut him up, or maybe she got caught up in the super romantic performance of a country group you know she’d never heard of. Either way, we’re a little surprised Marcus didn’t asphyxiate. He was probably too giddy to breathe anyway.

According to Chris, Marcus is only going to get more lovey dovey as the season progresses. When asked what comes up next, Chrissy-poo responds with, “Marcus is the first who falls in love and it gets serious quick.” That sounds like Andi has some clinginess to deal with in her future. Wanna know how long Mr. Lover Lover sticks around? Click if you dare.

What did you think about Marcus saying I love you? Too soon or too romantic?

Source: TV Guide