Marcus Grodd Lashes Out at Nick Viall on Twitter — What About?
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Marcus Grodd Lashes Out at Nick Viall on Twitter — What About?

Now that we have all of the fresh drama of Bachelor in Paradise AshLee Frazier vs. Clare Crawley, Michelle Kujawa’s (spoiler alert!) crazy situation — the issues of Bachelorette 10 all feel like yesterday’s news… even if it has only been a little over a week since Andi Dorfman ran off into the sunset (literally) with Josh Murray. But while we’ve all moved on, Marcus Grodd and Nick Viall have not, and that became evidently clear on Twitter during BiP’s premiere.

While the episode was airing, Nick took it upon himself to do a little live tweeting of all the goings-on in Mexico (and boy were there a lot of them!). The problem? His fellow Season 10-er — and Josh’s bestie — Marcus was getting a lot of airtime in those tweets. Kicking things off, McSalty wrote, “Marcus goes ‘right reason’ in the first 15 minutes. Classic!! #BachelorInParadise.”

And he wasn’t done just yet. Nick took another shot at the 26-year-old with, “Marcus setting new records for love at first sight #BachelorInParadise.” Plus, he later added, “Clare goes 3rd person 3x, Lacey sets new standard for math, & Marcus thinks falling in love in 2 weeks is taking it too slow. Awesome #BIP.”

While we would have initially seen this all as the Midwestern fella having a little sarcastic fun with his former co-star and the show itself, Marcus did not see it that way. Not long after, Marcus lashed out at Nick on social media, writing, “Man if only @viallnicholas28 could be a man and talk trash to someone's face.....that would be the day #Bachelorette #BachelorInParadise.”

Oh dear. Can’t we all just get along?

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Source: Marcus on Twitter, Nick on Twitter