Maria Menounos on Her New E! Show, Having Babies, and a Possible Return to DWTS — Exclusive
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Maria Menounos on Her New E! Show, Having Babies, and a Possible Return to DWTS — Exclusive

You know how we’re always moaning and groaning that we’re, like, so busy? That’s nothing. Try being Maria Menounos, who — in addition to premiering an Oxygen reality show, Chasing Maria Menounos, and releasing a New York Times bestselling fitness book this year — has somehow found time to add yet another gig to her loaded plate: the E! show, Untold With Maria Menounos.

The hour-long news show premieres tonight, July 17, and will feature in-depth coverage of everything from the Sharknado phenomenon to the transgender movement, and even people getting plastic surgery to look better in selfies (take a moment to groan with us here).

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Maria this week to find out more about the show. We also got her to spill on whether she’s come around to the idea of marriage (and babies!), and if whether she’ll return to Dancing With the Stars in the future. Read on for all the scoop!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Congrats on the new show! You have such a long history working on celebrity news shows, what inspired you to do something like Untold?

Maria Menounos: It really blends everything that I love about journalism. I missed my work with Nightly News and The Today Show, getting to cover stories that were more human interest and serious, at times. Plus, it’s everything that I love about the entertainment world, and we’re blending both of those together, like a pop culture Dateline of sorts. I like telling people’s stories and going more in-depth.

Are there any stories from the past that you wish had been reported this way?

One that I’ve been really passionate about is the drug story in Hollywood — all these untimely deaths of young stars, and doctors that are pimping out pills to stars. Corey Haim, before he died, was working with me to expose them. He was willing to bite the hand that feeds to expose them and stop them from giving him drugs because he was an addict.They were going to give them to him in exchange for autographs and showing up to birthday parties. Unfortunately, he passed away before we could get it off the ground.

Your reality show Chasing Maria Menounos premiered earlier this year, but you still cover reality stars on your news show. How do you handle reporting on people like yourself?

I do have some kind of working knowledge of it now, because I’ve gone through it and get it. I’m able to maybe help explain things to an audience that they could not explain or don’t have the credibility to articulate and have people actually believe.

Maria Menounos on Her New E! Show, Having Babies, and a Possible Return to DWTS — Exclusive
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A lot of the show
was focused on your relationship with your boyfriend, Keven. You’ve said that marriage isn’t as important to you — does that hold true?

Yeah, I definitely get sentimental here and there. I feel like, for us, it’s more like, if and when we decide to have kids, we’ll deal with [the prospect of marriage] then. We’ll figure it out.

You’re clearly adding a lot onto your plate. Are you putting kids on hold for the time being?

You know, I’m going to let God do whatever is supposed to happen. I went to a Tony Robbins conference a couple of weeks ago and had a really profound and moving experience that showed me what I would be missing out on if I didn’t have kids. Before, I was so guided by all of my fears, in general, in life. And now I don’t have those fears, now I actually see what a benefit and addition it would be. We’re definitely on the positive end of the kids thing now.

We all loved you on Dancing With the Stars? Would you ever go back, in a host capacity or in an All Stars season?

I love that show with all my heart. I would love to go back and dance, even for one night. I wish they would do more All Stars editions, but I don’t think they’re going to. I think people love seeing new people going through the experience. But whenever they want to see the veterans come back, I’m down.

As a fan of the show, do you have any dream contestants you’d want to see on the next season?

You know who should do it, actually? Like, a Scott Baio. I remember having a crush on him when I was younger and watching him.

People always cite you as a great celebrity bikini body and ask you for fitness tips. Are there any celebrities whose bodies inspire you?

There’s so many women. I think people need to understand that everyone’s different. No two people are going to have the same kind of body. But I’ve always admired Jessica Biel’s body because she’s got such a strong, strong fit body. Like, I remember in the supermodel era, Cindy Crawford was my favorite because she had a body.

Untold With Maria Menounos premieres tonight, July 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on E!

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