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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Twins Turn Three — What Do They Have Planned? (VIDEO)

Nick Cannon has been a bit of a blabbermouth recently, spouting off on all kinds of topics we’d rather he kept to himself. In the past week alone, the 33-year-old entertainer has revealed his celebrity sex list (including, notably, reality TV princess Kim Kardashian) and then attempted to dig himself out of a hole told us all how great sex is with his wife, Mariah Carey.

It’s all a tad TMI with even Mariah telling her husband of nearly five years to shut his mouth (her exact words, as relayed by Nick: “Can you keep your past whorish ways to yourself?”).

There is one topic we don’t mind Nick blabbing on about, though: his adorable twins, Moroccan and Monroe. The two cuties will turn three this year (we can’t believe it either) and their proud daddy told TV hostess Rachael Ray all about what he and Mama Mariah have planned.

“They’ll be three on the 30th,” says Nick, hands flying wildly as if he too can’t believe it. April 30, by the by, happens to be his and Mariah’s wedding anniversary, making it an extra special day for the Cannon-Carey clan.

“We call it Family Day,” says Nick before reminding us of his and Mariah’s sweet tradition of renewing their vows every year. “I’ve planned a secret location for it all to go down [this year],” he adds. Watch the video above to hear what other surprises Nick’s got up his sleeve!