21 Diva Moments From Mariah Carey\'s ‘WWHL’ Interview (VIDEOS)
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Mariah Carey

21 Diva Moments From Mariah Carey’s ‘WWHL’ Interview (VIDEOS)


Mariah Carey hit peak Mariah Carey on last night’s Watch What Happens Live.

Joining host Andy Cohen for just 30 minutes, the 46-year-old was perhaps the shadiest she’s ever been, throwing punch after punch and proving she’s the biggest diva ever.

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Here’s a collection of every over-the-top moment from the Elusive Chanteuse’s interview with our favorite Bravolebrity:

1. She made Andy sit in the interviewee’s chair while she got his usual spot.

2. She arrived late. Not by much, but still.

3. Champagne was ready to go for her as well as a little fan.

4. Said she’s “growing to like” her other side, but Andy told her both sides are great.

5. She’s “scared” of Andy’s drink and doesn’t drink hard liquor.

6. “Anyone who says too big is a hater,” she said in regards to the poll question that asked if her ring was too big or just right.

7. Homegirl can’t remember the last time she drove a car.

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8. Revealed her daughter calls herself Miss Monroe and son Moroccan doesn’t like food.

9. Threw some shade at Lady Gaga when asking how some people can walk around in meat but she got crap for her Cribs episode.

10. Totally brushed off prenup talks, says “we’re all valuable.”

11. “Hell no” to circus-themed wedding, said that rumor made her “really mad.”

12. “Can’t believe” people still make a big deal over “I don’t know her” drama.

13. Once again, still doesn’t know JLo, but does know who she is.

14. When Andy asked her if JLo is cool she can’t even say yes.

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15. To clear up the mess, Mariah said she doesn’t want to pretend she’s friends with everyone.

16. Totally refused to acknowledge Donald Trump.

17. Sarcastically said she was "heartbroken” and “in misery” over being left out of the American Idol finale. “For real,” she was “at home crying.”

18. Said “it is what it is” about Nick Cannon’s new back tattoo.

19. When Andy asked her to say three nice things about Nicki Minaj during "Plead the Fifth," she answered, "Can you?"

20. Mariah refused the title of Queen of Christmas because she wants to “keep Christmas sacred.”

21. Says she turned down a role on Empire because she doesn’t want to play a version of herself.