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Um, this is awkward. Mariah Carey may have shared some new (and adorable) pics with her twins over the weekend, but a photo she posted of herself? Not so new.

On June 13, Mariah tweeted a sweet photo collage of three-year-old Moroccan and Monroe, and added one of herself in for good measure. “Quality time with #dembabies,” the proud mom captioned the pic. “So much happiness!”

But unfortunately, many fans were quick to realize that Mariah did not, in fact, snap that picture the same day it was posted. Or even in the same millenium. According to E! Online, the photo that Mariah included is actually from an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997. Yikes!

As gorgeous as Mariah is, she couldn’t exactly halt the natural aging process — so, of course, Mariah in 1997 looks a lot different than she does now, nearly 20 years later. So what’s the deal? Is she guilty of some sneaky #TBT… on the wrong day of the week? Did she just want to show off a pic that expanded on the happiness she feels when she’s with her kids (a decade and a half before they were even born)?

Mariah herself has yet to comment on the picture, though, and in the meantime, Moroccan and Monroe are as precious as ever. Maybe next time Mom will go for an old pic that’s a little less conspicuous?

Do you think Mariah was trying to pass off the pic as new, or did she assume we already knew it was old?

Source: Twitter, E! Online

Credit: NDN Photo: Did Mariah Carey Try to Pass a 1997 Photo as New? (VIDEO)