Did Ramona Singer’s Husband Admit to Cheating on Camera?
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Did Ramona Singer’s Husband Admit to Cheating on Camera?

Ramona Singer’s 22-year marriage to husband Mario may be crumbling around her in the wake of his alleged affair with 32-year-old Kasey Dexter, but did he admit to two-timing his wife in front of RHONY cameras?

According to RadarOnline.com, Mario, who is said to have blindsided Ramona with his cheating, made light of marital infidelity to his wife in a scene that made it to air on the Bravo hit.

The best cheaters are the ones who get away with it! In every sense of the word,” Mario reveals to his wife in a clip from the show’s upcoming season.

While Ramona’s relationship may be imploding in real time, the reality star admits that not all of her personal drama will make it to air this season.

“You're going to see us having fun, you're going to see fights — but nothing gets too dark,” she reveals.

A show source corroborates Ramona’s story, adding that the reality star’s estranged hubby won’t be rewarded for his bad behavior with camera time. “[Mario] will hardly be in the upcoming season,” says the source.

Do you think Ramona and Mario will ever be able to have a civil relationship in light of his alleged affair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Source: RadarOnline.com