Marlene King Reveals Juicy New Details About Season 2!
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Pretty Little Liars

Marlene King Reveals Juicy New Details About Season 2!

Last season of Pretty Little Liars was so intense, we honestly don’t know how it can be topped. But if the awesomeness that was the season premiere is any judge, we’re definitely not in for a sophomore slump!

PLL showrunner Marlene King chatted with After Ellen about the little liars and their fleet of hunky men. Check it:

On Spencer and Toby: “Well, Spencer’s parents don’t want her hanging out with Toby and Toby’s parents don’t want him hanging out with Spencer, so they’ve got some really romantic Romeo and Juliet stuff coming up this summer. They just ooze romance.... There will be a time this season — and you’ll be very aware of it — when he lies for the first time. And it’s going to be complicated: Why he does it, who he does it for, and how he feels about it.”

On Emily’s sexuality: “I think we’re going to see Emily’s mom this season accepting it, and trying to understand what Emily’s type is. I think Pam is going to maybe see that Samara is the girl version of the guy she would like Emily to date. And that’s a big thing for her.”

On Caleb and Hanna: “Hanna is in love with Caleb, obviously. We saw that in the premiere. But he’s definitely going to have to work hard to try to win back her trust. But she’s open to that.”

On Aria and Ezra: “Actually, there are two new characters coming to town, one Aria knows and one Ezra knows, and it’s definitely going to put some stress on that relationship.”

Holy crap, PLLers — we’re shaking in our Tory Burch boots with anticipation!

Source: After Ellen