Pretty Little Liars

Marlene King Talks Tyler Blackburn’s Return — And a Caleb Love Triangle! (VIDEO)

Pretty Little Liars has officially wrapped Season 4, and as usual, it ended in a cliffhanger, with Ezra Fitz getting shot as he tried to protect the Liars from "A" — who got away, as usual.

But a couple days before March 18's super nerve-racking finale, Celebified caught up with series creator Marlene King at PaleyFest, where the showrunner gave up a little scoop about Season 5. Though we'll have to wait until June for the return of our favorite show's in its super-senior year, Marlene spilled some serious juice on what to expect.

In the vid, the interviewer hinted at a possible Caleb - Hanna - Travis love triangle in the making, and while Ms. Marlene gave it a solid "possibly," she also hinted that a Caleb-Hanna-Alison DiLaurentis one may be in the works.

Also on the table: where we'll be when Season 5 kicks off, now that Ali is back in the picture in at least some capacity. The exec already said that it "will feel like a whole new show" with the group's former leader back in the mix, but what that means remains to be seen.

Check out the video and then tell us what you think will happen when the gang returns for another go at "A."