Marlo Hampton “Checks Herself” and Apologizes to NeNe Leakes!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Marlo Hampton “Checks Herself” and Apologizes to NeNe Leakes!

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. It appears that after a week of back-and-forth shade-throwing between Marlo Hampton and her former bestie NeNe Leakes, Marlo has had a change of heart and is attempting a ceasefire. And not only is she trying to stop the mudslinging, she’s also apologizing to all of the Real Housewives of Atlanta — including NeNe, herself!

In Marlo’s newest blog post titled “Reflections,” the occasional reality star makes it immediately clear that she’s now regretting her recent behavior. “I realize how we women sometimes tear each other apart in anger when, in truth, we're really just feeling hurt or betrayed,” she begins. “But that's not the woman I want to be.”

For those who haven’t been keeping up, since the Bailey Bowl episode of RHoA aired, Marlo has thrown a variety of insults NeNe’s way, taking her down for her fashion and hair choices, as well as her lack of loyalty. NeNe hasn’t been without fault in this ongoing feud either, as she referred to Marlo as “Manlow” in her BravoTV blog and even trudged up her former bridesmaid’s criminal past.

But, at least on Marlo’s end, this will be coming to a stop right now. “I don't want to be a Diva who seeks to destroy another with words or ‘reads,’ while the crowds cheer on our bloodsport ratchetness,” she writes. “No one wins, except the ratings of course! Believe me, I'm not mad about that. (No ratings, no show!) I just think we have more to offer. Don't you agree?”

We really do!

Marlo also explains that she doesn’t wish to be bullied by anyone, but that she doesn't “want to be a bully either. It's not cute or in fashion. It won't raise my star power and surely won't increase my bank account!”

And she knows that she did act in a bullying way when she retaliated after feeling betrayed by her former friend, but “inappropriate verbal or physical assault can never be justified. So I'm checking myself.”

The most surprising move of all, is when at the end of the blog, Marlo directly apologizes to all of the RHoA women:

“To all the RHOA/Bridesmaids I have offended: Phaedra, Kandi, Kim, Sheree, Diana, Pat and NeNe, I apologize. We may never be friends or see eye-to-eye on anything. (And I'm cool with that!) However, I don't need to tear you down to build myself up.”

Way to go, Marlo! We admit we (along with most viewers) do appreciate drama on the show, but it would nice to see her keep to her word on this one. Sometimes a feud can just be taken too far, and it’s not worth it. We’ll wait and see if any of the other women follow suit!

Do you think Marlo will stop her takedowns now, or is this an empty promise? Tell us below.

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