Marlo Hampton Blasts NeNe Leakes’s Marriage and Plastic Surgery in Twitter Rant
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Marlo Hampton Blasts NeNe Leakes’s Marriage and Plastic Surgery in Twitter Rant

Wow, ya'll, Marlo Hampton is seriously angry right now. Shortly after NeNe Leakes referred to her as Man-ho during her one-on-one special with Andy Cohen after the Season 6 finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo totally went off on her during a massive Twitter rant. It seems that a lot of the posts have since disappeared, but luckily, All About the Real Housewives was able to jot down all of her ramblings before she thought twice about them.

Marlo initiated her retaliation by declaring, "Man ho??? Now that's funny coming from someone that if they hadn't given birth, I would swear you were born a man."

She then went on to repeatedly call her "Donald Trump," point out that she purchased her own wedding ring, and call her an adulterer who was still chatting with her ex man. She even criticized NeNe's plastic surgery.

"You look like a man under construction and your nose job still needs a nose job," Marlo snarked.

Finally, Marlo rattled off a series of hashtags blasting NeNe even further, writing, "#youstartedit, #letmefinishit, #maninthemirrorwaswrittenforyou, #makeupdoesnthelp, #richbitchwithnofurniturestillrenting."

Can you tell us how you really feel, Marlo?

Clearly, Marlo regrets her passionate Twitter meltdown, since she seems to have taken down all of her rageful posts, but it's pretty obvious that NeNe totally pushed her buttons. It's hard to believe that Marlo was a bridesmaid in NeNe's wedding less than a year ago with all of the hate currently flying between the former friends!

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Source: All About the Real Housewives