Marlo Hampton: Kandi Burruss Said NeNe Leakes Would “Play Me Like Chess” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Marlo Hampton: Kandi Burruss Said NeNe Leakes Would “Play Me Like Chess” (VIDEO)

After FOH (“Friend of the Housewives”) Marlo Hampton and NeNe Leakes had their dramatic falling out on the Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras, plenty of shade throwing and accusations went down between the two former besties. One that stood out was when Marlo claimed that fellow Housewife Kandi Burruss had actually cautioned her against NeNe. But what did she say exactly?

It’s no secret that there’s no real love lost between NeNe and Kandi. Though the two remain cordial, Kandi recently admitted that she hadn’t received a RSVP from the Dancing With the Stars contestant for her upcoming wedding (which is happening tonight!). And NeNe has openly declared that she’s not close with any of her co-stars. (Minus, maybe Cynthia? This changes daily.) But we didn’t see any evidence of real animosity at work until now.

While visiting Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, Marlo let it spill that Kandi’s warning against NeNe happened long before their friendship ended.

“In the beginning, when I came on the show, she did warn me,” Marlo explains, adding, “And then I came on being team NeNe and throwing shade at the girls and listening to NeNe…She told me from day one that she was going play me like chess and she was right.”

Marlo does let on that she’s since acknowledged her mistake, and apologized to Kandi for not heeding her warning. She also revealed that their relationship really started to fall apart right before NeNe’s wedding, for which Marlo was a bridesmaid. Apparently, there was tension around the fact that Marlo was often “dressed to the nines” and chose to upgrade her room. Hmm...

Well, it sounds like Marlo and NeNe will just be happier apart moving forward!

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