Marlo Hampton Hangs Out With Miss Lawrence — Is This a New Alliance? (PHOTO)
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Marlo Hampton Hangs Out With Miss Lawrence — Is This a New Alliance? (PHOTO)

Marlo Hampton is no stranger to creating drama, and it looks like her Instagram account is just another tool to use in her pot-stirring antics.

Marlo posted a photo of herself and another familiar face to Instagram on Sunday, June 1st, and let’s just say that this one is a shocker.

Marlo, who looks fierce in an all-white outfit, with her hair in cascading curls down her back, is sitting pretty next to none other than Miss Lawrence, stylist and shade thrower extraordinaire.

Mirror mirror on wall we're the loveliest of them all!@lawrenceatl,” Marlo captioned the pretty pic.

While Marlo and Miss Lawrence would make a dream team, thanks to their enjoyment of both style and reading people, their relationship hasn’t always been so smooth.

When Miss Lawrence was still BFF with former RHOA cast member Sheree Whitfield, he and Marlo had a strained relationship after Sheree informed him of Marlo’s use of a homophobic slur.

After finding out that she wasn’t invited to a party that Sheree was attending, Marlo told her, “That’s why you don’t have a man. Go and hang with them f****ts with your ugly, stupid ass.”

If he’s hanging out with Marlo after an offensive remark like that, it’s clear that Miss Lawrence is a more forgiving person than we’d expected — or he just knows that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Are you surprised to see Marlo and Miss Lawrence hanging out together after what she said?

Source: Instagram