Marlo Hampton Claims NeNe Leakes Is Still Texting and Receiving Gifts From Her Ex
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Marlo Hampton Claims NeNe Leakes Is Still Texting and Receiving Gifts From Her Ex

As former friends Marlo Hampton and NeNe Leakes continue to feud, things are starting to get super personal. Shortly after NeNe referred to her once-bridesmaid as Man-ho during her one-on-one with Andy Cohen last week, Marlo took to Twitter to rip apart the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. In the middle of her rant, she accused NeNe of adultery. Now she's come forward to talk to to explain her Tweet.

The original post read, “You are an adulterer that was still calling her ex boyfriend talking about your hello kitty up until last month!”

When spoke with Marlo, she told them, “I heard that NeNe is still in touch with her ex-boyfriend, and he is buying her gifts including Gucci bags and other expensive things."

The ex that Marlo is referring to is Famous Famiglia co-founder, John Kolaj, who was featured on Season 4 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. We watched John shower NeNe with extravagant gifts, trying to win her over. According to Marlo, he's still pursuing NeNe and she's not doing much to stop him.

“She’s a married woman, but I heard she is still communicating with [John]. He’s still asking her to be with him," Marlo insisted.

The site was unable to get a comment from NeNe's rep concerning the accusations.

We're not sure we're ready to believe Marlo just yet, especially with how happy NeNe and Gregg seem these days. But, we suppose we can't rule anything out. Still, we say innocent until proven guilty!

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