Marlo Hampton Reveals the Real Reason Behind Her Fallout With NeNe Leakes
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Marlo Hampton Reveals the Real Reason Behind Her Fallout With NeNe Leakes

When NeNe Leakes and her former bridesmaid Marlo Hampton publicly fell out on Real Housewives of Atlanta’s February 23 episode, we — and most of the cast — assumed their friendship’s end was spurred by Marlo’s budding friendship with Kenya Moore. But in a new interview, Marlo reveals that even she isn’t fully clear on what put her on the outs with NeNe.

Marlo spoke with S2S Magazine about the origin of her friendship with Kenya this week, and she explains that they first started hanging out after NeNe actually introduced them at the vineyard.

“It was just good energy,” Marlo says about her chemistry with Kenya. She divulges that she had had tickets to the BCBG fashion show in NYC, and decided to invite Kenya along — but only after NeNe wasn’t able to make it. Marlo also details that she made a point to invite Kenya in front of NeNe, so she could be sure that it wouldn’t cause any drama, and apparently, everything was cool with her at first.

“It wasn’t like they were enemies; they talked,” Marlo tells the mag, adding that that all changed after the show. “When I went to the fashion show, come to find out [it] was a problem.” The strangest part is that this all happened before the Pillow Talk party where NeNe and Kenya became at odds.

Marlo is still friendly with Kenya, though she wouldn’t qualify them as “besties” or anything. But that hasn’t helped her relationship with NeNe, she says. She tells the publication that she hopes that this will all be discussed at the RHoA Season 6 reunion, as both she and the fans deserve an explanation for why this all happened.

“I do definitely feel the fans do deserve to hear both sides,” she admits. “I would like to definitely sit down and talk to [NeNe]. They deserve to see what’s really going on. I wanna ask her myself. I’m confused. I really don’t understand.”

Why do you think NeNe has a problem with Marlo? Is there something she’s not sharing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: S2S Magazine

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