Bachelorette 2014: What Really Happened Between Marquel, JJ, and Andrew? — Exclusive
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Bachelorette 2014: What Really Happened Between Marquel, JJ, and Andrew? — Exclusive

In the call-out heard ‘round Bachelor Nation, Marquel Martin faced off with Andrew Poole over something The Bachelorette contestant supposedly said back on the Season 10 premiere. While we had already closed the book on it, the incident — and JJ O’Brien’s involvement in it — was once again brought up on July 21’s “Men Tell All” special. So, what really happened? Wetpaint Entertainment got the scoop from two sources close to the show.

“Andrew called Marquel ‘blackie,’ and JJ swears it’s true. It’s not something you joke about or make up,” one source reports of the he said-he said drama that sprouted in Episode 4. So, if it happened so early, why did JJ wait until the guys were hanging in France weeks later to bring it up?

One source says timing was the key factor. “All the guys were sitting around bulls—ing about how much they hated Andrew and Patrick, and someone said ‘Marquel, I bet you’d really hate going on a 2-on-1 with Andrew out of everyone,’ and then obviously someone had to explain why. JJ had already told Nick and Josh and some of the other guys”

The other thing, the source adds, is that these guys don’t know each other as well as spoiler fans when the show kicks off. “JJ would have had no reason to tell Marquel what Andrew said, because why would he believe him?” Over time, however, the pair became close, which is what inspired the confessional. “It was completely a ‘who said what’ thing, so it would’ve been possible that Marquel didn’t believe him.”

The night that the confrontation happened, at the group date after party, Marquel was given the option of how to deal with the situation. Producers left it up to him, and as viewers saw, he respectfully approached Andrew and laid out the information he had gathered. The insider explains that Marquel wanted to leave JJ's name out of their conversation, so that it remained focused on what Andrew did or didn't say — not his issues with JJ. Social media whiz kid Andrew denied everything, even laughing off the idea that he would’ve used the word “blackies.”

So, what’s the real story? Well, Chris Harrison was certainly interested in approaching it once again, and JJ ended up on the wrong side of the crowd at the “MTA.” Andrew said that since the incident, his work had been affected — as had other areas of his life. When prompted, Marquel concluded that he still trusted JJ and that what the pantsapreneur swore happened must be true.

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