Marquel Martin Says Bachelor in Paradise Ruined Bachelor 2015 Chances
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Bachelor in Paradise

Marquel Martin Says Bachelor in Paradise Ruined Bachelor 2015 Chances

ABC has found the Bermuda Triangle y’all. The network’s summer series, Bachelor in Paradise, is a swirling vortex of cray cray where all the normal rules of the known universe go to die. In Paradise, Bachelor 18 premiere eliminee Lacy Faddoul is a success story, and Marquel Martin, the guy who could do no wrong on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, is turning into the cast player. What the what is going on in Tulum, and have they found Amelia Earhart down there, too?

In her podcast with husband Jason, Molly Mesnick revealed that she recently interviewed Marquel for her radio show. During their chat, Molly brought up all of his fan love during Andi’s season, and how people had campaigned for him to be the next Bachelor. His response? “I don’t think people love me anymore after Bachelor in Paradise.” Apparently, the Cookie Monster is aware his rep is suffering big time.

From fan favorite to berated — oh the difference a smooch amongst ruins can make. After implying Michelle Money is a boozehound and then eagerly jumping at the chance to go on two dates in succession — with Danielle Ronco and Jackie Parr — it appears Marquel’s chances (if he ever had any) at securing the spot as Bachelor 2015 have faded.

Sharleen Joynt, a Juan Pablo Galavis escapee, summed it up when she said M-squared’s actions on BiP have been pompous. And Danielle put it even more succinctly when she said “This isn’t Paradise, this is Marq-hell.” Ouch.

Well, if you only YOPO once, you might as well make it worth it — even if that means losing out on your chance to be Bachelor. Amiright?

Do you think Marquel could still be Bachelor or is America so over him? Tell us below!

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