Marquel Martin on Bachelor 2015 Pick: “I Feel Like Race Played a Large Factor”
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Marquel Martin on Bachelor 2015 Pick: “I Feel Like Race Played a Large Factor”

ABC announced Chris Soules as having nabbed the lead role in The Bachelor 2015 yesterday, and women everywhere rejoiced. But while the ladies of the land turned to their computers to Google “Iowa” and “overalls,” Marquel Martin took to his blog to tell us why picking the farmer as Bachelor was bad form. Hint: Cookie Monster kinda thinks he should have been King Rose Giver.

In the essay, he addressed what he calls the “most important and obvious elephant in the room,” i.e., the fact that he’s black and that there’s never been an African-American lead in the history of the show. “I’d be lying to myself and the world if I didn’t say that I feel like race played a large factor in this decision,” he writes. By opting for another white Bachelor, Marquel believes that ABC “missed an opportunity to influence a change.”

He goes on to assure viewers, “I am not bitter, I am not desperate. I am not playing a ‘race card’ and I’m not trying to bite the hand that fed me.” But that by naming him as Bachelor, Marquel says producers would have created “a chance for change and a way to progress our society further by knocking down old perceptions, expectations, and ideals.” When Chris was announced, “that hint of change on the horizon faded.”

Marquel’s missive comes just a few days after he admitted that he’d lost a bit of his fan base during his stint on Bachelor in Paradise, a series that’s shown him being a bit of a player while simultaneously being awkward with the ladies (hard combo to come by), earning an unflattering nickname from one of his love interests, and then drunk-shaming another potential lady love.

M-squared ends his post by initiating the hashtag #changeforbachelor, because important social movements are solved by Twitter and reality TV.

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Source: Marquel’s blog