Marquel Martin’s Near Death Bachelor in Paradise Experience! (VIDEO)
Credit: Agustin Murillo/ABC Television Group    

Bachelor in Paradise

Marquel Martin’s Near Death Bachelor in Paradise Experience! (VIDEO)

Things are getting electrifying down in Paradise — literally! Not only is Marquel Martin a babe magnet on tonight’s Episode 3 — he gets dates with both newcomers Danielle Ronco and Jackie Parr — he’s also attracting forces more powerful than lust love. According to a clip from tonight’s canoodle fest, Marquel narrowly escapes a lightning strike!

The scary moment comes in the middle of Marquel’s pool date with Danielle. Apparently Mother Nature got bored watching them stare longingly at each other, cuz she decided to throw a little thunderstorm into their chlorinated cuddling.

The strike comes as Marquel is talking straight into camera. “Hello, America,” he says, and then drops the camera as a freakishly loud thunderclap makes itself known. Danielle’s scream is almost as loud.

The crew herds Marquel and Danielle to safety, as Marquel exclaims “I’ve never been that close to lightning in my life.” According to the cookie monster, it struck just five feet from him. Close call!

Well, there is an old saying that falling in love at first sight is like a lightning bolt to your heart… Maybe this bodes well for Danielle and M-squared? Here’s hoping!

Watch the video below then tell us in the comments how crazy that lightning was!

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