Married Criminal Minds Star Catfished By Female Fan — UPDATE
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Married Criminal Minds Star Catfished By Female Fan — UPDATE

Guys will do crazy things for a sexy girl — or someone they think is a sexy girl.

According to TMZ, Criminal Minds star (and Dharma & Greg alum) Thomas Gibson was "catfished" by a fan who was not as she appeared.

The woman reportedly contacted Thomas on Twitter a couple of years ago, sending him the photo of an attractive scantily-clad woman, saying she was a big fan. Thomas, 51, a father of three, apparently followed-up. The woman talked to TMZ, and shared a video Thomas sent her from Utah. She didn't give her name or age, but said she's from North Dakota and engaged in a two-year "relationship" with Thomas, sharing explicit photos that she apparently stole from porn websites like

The woman was developing feelings for the actor and felt everything was going well — as well as this kind of thing can go — until a few months ago when she got a letter from Thomas's lawyers demanding she cease contact. They figured out her pics were fake and he realized he'd been catfished. She hasn't heard from him since, but she was apparently bitter enough to share details with TMZ. It's embarrassing for Thomas as a public figure and father, but also for the woman who hoodwinked him. What kind of a sorry person does this?

Update: While TMZ had originally reported that Thomas was making all of his steamy videos behind his wife's back (although taking lots of hot tub selfies isn't exactly stealth cheating), a friend of the couple says that, despite continuing to live under the same roof, Thomas and his wife have been separated for two and a half years, and that Thomas began his online romance nearly half a year after the separation took effect.

Anyway, you can watch Thomas's hot tub video below. It's hard to know what to think, just from a video and an anonymous woman's story to TMZ. It could be this is just a weird misunderstanding. But, if true, it wouldn’t be the first time a man saw a pretty face and let good judgment fly out the window.

Source: TMZ