Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly on How Mariah Huq Pushed Her to Drop 75 Pounds! — Exclusive
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Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly on How Mariah Huq Pushed Her to Drop 75 Pounds! — Exclusive

You think you had a crazy 2013? Dr. Heavenly Kimes can probably top yours: The Atlanta-based dentist not only joined Bravo’s hit reality series Married to Medicine as a full-time cast member, but she also hit her goal weight, after dropping an impressive 75 pounds!

When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with the Season 2 pot stirrer recently, she gave us all the scoop on her dramatic change — a change that, in fact, was brought on by one of her more outspoken Married to Medicine co-stars!

“Mariah [Huq] called me her ‘full-figured friend’ and it hurt my feelings, it really did,” Dr. Heavenly admits to us. “Not that it was bad, I think she just wanted me to be my best.”

But for the doc, Mariah’s comment was more of a wake up call than an insult. “I started looking at myself and was like, ‘Damn, I am kind of big,’” Heavenly recalls. “A lot of people will ask, ‘you didn’t know?’ I think I was in a stage of denial. But she helped me by telling me that, and I was inspired to do it.”

This wasn’t the first time that the mother of three had tried to drop the excess weight. “I tried everything, I even tried surgery,” she reveals. “It’s been a struggle for a long time for me — especially after I had kids. I gained probably between 40 and 50 pounds between each child.”

And it was Dr. Heavenly’s last child, her little girl, that was the most difficult. “The little girl I gained the most because I was 35 when I had her and girls just put all the weight on you,” she explains. “When they say that little girls take your beauty, they just add all that weight.”

The doctor’s wife tells us she peaked at a size 22 after that final pregnancy. But over two years later, she’s now down to a slim size 6! But don’t expect her to go any smaller.

“I don’t want to go any lower than that,” Dr. Heavenly shares. “Because those women in the 0s on the show, they’re not… Not for me.” Hmm, do we sense a little shade there?

There’s no questioning this Hotlanta lady is looking absolutely fabulous these days. So does she have any secrets for the rest of us common folk struggling with our weight?

“You have to be persistent and you must have discipline,” Heavenly states. “That’s the hardest part.”

Married to Medicine airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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