Is Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford Pregnant? She Says…
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Is Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford Pregnant? She Says…

Aren’t you sort of dying to see Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford with a baby? The reality star with a language of her own has won us over in the past two seasons of the reality show with her particular brand of sass and self-confidence — even after her epic falling out with former bestie Mariah Huq. But could she be replacing that void with a bundle of joy?

Though we’d love to say “yass, ma’am!” like Quad herself, the rumors of a pregnancy are sadly untrue. She addressed the gossip with The Jasmine Brand this week.

“Well of course right now I am without child. I am not pregnant,” she says. “I know a lot of people thought that I was and I know that that is something that [my husband] wants and, of course, I am going to give him everything that he desires. I’m just thinking in terms of time, right now I’m starting a new puppy couture clothing line, Picture Perfect Pup ... So, it’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle that must come together first before I move on to motherhood.”

However, don’t write off the chance for any mini Quads in the future. The Hotlanta gal is still open to someday becoming a mother. After all, she would be fabulous at it, wouldn’t she?

“I am not a selfish person; I definitely want to experience motherhood,” Quad begins. “And I do not care about losing my physique because she is going to bounce right back anyway.”

No doubt! All in good time, we suppose.

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Source: The Jasmine Brand