I Wanna Marry Harry: Who Is Matthew Hicks, AKA Harry?
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I Wanna Marry Harry: Who Is Matthew Hicks, AKA Harry?

There’s a new prince in our lives and no, Kate Middleton isn’t pregnant again. If you’ve somehow missed the promos for I Wanna Marry “Harry, prepare for Matthew Hicks to ride in on his white stallion (aka helicopter). In the most exciting deception in love since Joe Millionaire, Fox’s new summer show debuts May 20.

The series’s premise is a simple one: Take a dozen wannabe princesses, stick them in a Downton Abbey-esque mansion, and throw a royally hot redhead in the mix. Neither confirm nor deny he’s in fact of royal blood, instead letting the ladies’ wild imaginations do the heavy lifting.

So what about the gorgeous head carrying the crown? That be a cutie named Matthew Hicks. We’ve already gotten a couple peeks at Matthew thanks to a preview of the show and then a jaunt to Memphis that sent the locals into a frenzy, but who is this ginger imposter?

Surprisingly, just a regular bloke who, even more surprisingly, seems like an actual nice guy. Matt, as he’s called, is 23, hails from England (at least the accent isn’t fake), and has spent his life getting mixed up with his nation’s spare heir. It was after he posted some pictures on a look-a-like site that the production company “found me, came up with the idea, and said, 'Let’s do it!'” Matt tells E! News.

Matthew’s life is far from glitzy, though. He describes himself as “so poor that he goes to work on a borrowed bike,” which means the lavish lifestyle he’s treated to courtesy of Fox is as new to him as it is to his potential Mrs. Harrys. But will true love be possible even after the clock strikes midnight and this beau of the ball turns out to be more pauper than prince?

I Wanna Marry “Harry” premieres Tuesday, May 20, at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Sources: The New York Times, E! News

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