Martha Stewart Throws Her Grandchildren a Birthday Party With 170 Guests
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Martha Stewart Throws Her Grandchildren a Birthday Party With 170 Guests

If we could hire anyone to throw us a birthday party, it would be Martha Stewart. So obviously, we’re really jealous of her family, who get to use the domestic goddess’s services for free — and always have incredible parties because of it.

And the fact that her granddaughter, Jude, who is 3, and her 2-year-old grandson Truman have birthdays that are just 2 days apart practically begs for a joint birthday party. Enter Grandma Martha.

“We had a giant party! And it was a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom party. They had 170 people,” Martha told People. “[They have] an extremely sophisticated palate. They love good food! They love cacio e pepe pasta. They like mushrooms. They like caviar.”

Um, what? When we were that age, we wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t a chicken nugget — or at least shaped like one, anyway. But as it turns out, Jude and Truman kind of have to like fancy food, because the driving ingredients behind most kid favorites aren’t even on their menu. But don’t worry, Grandma’s on it!

“They’re not allowed to have sugar or butter so I have to temper my penchant for those things,” Martha admitted.

And — possibly because their access to cookies and candy are limited — Jude and Truman are way ahead of the game when it comes to learning.

“The little girl is a genius speaking Spanish and English [and] she’s going into Mandarin now. She’s a linguist,” the proud grandma bragged. “And the little boy is very good in Spanish — very fluent. She’s an actor and a dancer and a musician. And he likes trucks. He can identify pretty much any car on the road.”

Good job, Jude and Truman! Looks like Martha might have some aspiring execs for her lifestyle brand on her hands.

Source: People

04.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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