Matt McCann Furious With Alexandria Sekella For Calling Her Pregnancy a “Stupid Mistake”
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Matt McCann Furious With Alexandria Sekella For Calling Her Pregnancy a “Stupid Mistake”

Good news, guys! After months of nonstop fighting, Teen Mom 3's Alexandria Sekella and her baby daddy, Matt McCann are total besties. Oh wait, sorry — that's just a dream we had last night. In reality, these former lovebirds despise each other just as much as ever!

Alex and Matt's feud over their daughter, Arabella, is at an all-time high, and the latest nugget of drama-rama is especially intense. Turns out Alex made an offhand comment about her pregnancy during a recent interview, and Matt isn't thrilled. The comment in question? When asked what made her want to participate in Teen Mom 3, Alex said "I decided to do TM3 because I wanted people to learn from my own stupid mistakes."

Aaand cut to Matt. This bearded nomad was less-than-impressed by Alex's comment, and immediately took it to Twitter to subtweet her. "You just keep reaching all new lows, don't you?!" Matt tweeted, adding, "Yeah, because that's how a mother is supposed to talk."

It looks like Alex's words were taken a bit out of context, so she hit up Twitter to put Matt in his place. "Matthew didn't even want her up until Teen Mom 3 aired so let him talk his s— he's just a pack of lies," she tweeted, adding, "I love Arabella Til end of time but I wish I was able to give her a better life right now."

It seems pretty obvious to us that Alex was simply implying that teen pregnancy in general is a mistake, but we can understand why Matt would get the wrong idea. Either way, it would be nice if these two would finally learn how to live with each other so Arabella can grow up with both her parents getting along.

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01.16.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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