Matt McCann Files Contempt Charges Against Alexandria Sekella
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Matt McCann Files Contempt Charges Against Alexandria Sekella

It's been a while since Teen Mom 3 was lighting up our lives (RIP, old friend), and the time has come to check in on Matt McCann and Alexandria Sekella. Basically, these two hate each other with a passion, and are still arguing over their daughter, Arabella, who lives full time with her mom and has the occasional face-to-face with her pops.

Ready to find out what's going on with Matt and Alex these days? According to a new report from Teen Mom Truth, Matt filed contempt charges against his ex last month, but then failed to show up to their court date on June 30. Apparently, he was busy frolicking around Tennessee on vacation with his girlfriend, Lekota Koch.

"We should have went back to PA. We should have went to Matt’s custody hearing. It’s f—king BS,” Lekota posted to Facebook. “And for once I wish I wasn’t the adult in every f—king situation.”

Matt's court date has been rescheduled for August, but he's also due in court this coming July 10 for failure to pay child support to the tune of $3,000. Matt petitioned the court to have his payments reduced, but the judge dismissed him.

So, what does Alex think of this whole mess? "Apparently people get defensive and upset when you tell other people they owe $3,000 in child support," she tweeted. "Oh well not my problem."

Alex also referenced her upcoming court date with Matt saying, "July 10 is a support hearing brought against you alleging you have willfully disobeyed an order of court for support. (Not job fair) u a joke."

We assume Matt is behind on his child support payments due to the fact that he doesn't have a job, but there's really no good excuse for him failing to help Alex financially. Hopefully, this dude will get his act together and pony up some cash in the next few weeks!

Source: Teen Mom Truth