Matt McCann Slams Katie Yeager on Twitter — Teen Mom 3 Feud Alert!
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Teen Mom 3

Matt McCann Slams Katie Yeager on Twitter — Teen Mom 3 Feud Alert!

This week's Teen Mom 3 was an emotional rollercoaster filled with tears, comfort food (food = pizza) and angry diary entries. By which we mean we spent most of the evening writing musings in our journal about how upset we are with Joey Maes for hooking up with another girl just a few days after breaking up with Katie Yeager. So uncool.

There's no doubt that Joey treated Katie horribly, and we're shocked that he would move on so quickly considering that they were engaged. Not to mention the fact that they have a child together! Naturally, Katie was devastated when Joey broke the news of his infidelity, and re-watching the moment wasn't easy for her. This gal needed the emotional support of her Teen Mom 3 family more than ever, but the infamous chin-strapped baby daddy known as Matt McCann (aka Alexandria Sekella's ex-boyfriend) most definitely wasn't offering his shoulder to cry on.

Matt McCann Slams Katie Yeager on Twitter — Teen Mom 3 Feud Alert!
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Matt took issue with the fact that Katie referred to Joey's new lady as a "slut" and tweeted "This s— about to get ridiculous … not every girl is a slut Katie I know you're hurt but starting sh— doesn't help."

Oh, here go hell come. Matt just messed with the wrong girl, and Katie was quick to put him in his place. "she f— my fiancé when I was still with him. That=slut. @ me if you are going to start shit Matt," she tweeted, adding, "If I wanted you opinion I would ask for it. I keep my thoughts about you to myself. You do the same."

At first Matt refused to back down, tweeting "You're over reacting. Chill the f— out," but he eventually apologized (kind of). "I wasn't trying to talk s—, or start anything. I hold you in high regard," Matt tweeted. "I just want better for you."

It's completely understandable that Katie would blame Joey's gal pal for his infidelity, and while it's never nice to call someone names, Matt should keep in mind that Katie was going through an emotional time. Do you think he has the right to school her in manners, or should he keep his opinion to himself?